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Game Localization

English and French to Portuguese

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About me

A language services provider based in Portugal. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Languages from the University of Minho, where I developed my translation, localization and linguistic skills.

My language expertise, in the language pairs English to Portuguese & French to Portuguese, help bridging linguistic gaps.


Language expertise that can help you convey meaning in European Portuguese. Let’s work together!


Freelance Translator

  • Translation, Editing, Revision, Proofreading, Localization, LQA
  • Under NDAs

2021 – Present

Game Localization

  • Translation, Editing and Proofreading
  • Localization Testing, Game Testing
  • Under NDAs

2023 – Present

Academic Background

Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Languages

University of Minho (Portugal)


Certificate in General Culture

Gymnase Intercantonal de la Broye (Switzerland)